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Wedding Urns is the fifth of our 'Designing with Flowers' classes - a series covering the essential building blocks to creating beautiful, naturalistic designs with seasonal materials and foam-free mechanics.
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Beautifully curated filmed demonstrations at the studio. Please note all video content is pre-recorded, there are no live sessions. English subtitles are available.

  • An introduction to large scale urn designs for weddings and events

  • Full practical demonstration and guide to making an extra large church urn on a pedestal

  • Full practical demonstration and guide to making a modern perennial garden-inspired urn

  • Full practical demonstration and guide to making a colourful party bar urn

Class Notes

Over 40 pages of extensive resources including an exploration of different designs, recipes, practical tips on mechanics and much more. All PDFs are downloadable and yours to keep for future reference.

  • Different types of 'urns and the style of arranging most suited to them

  • Plinths, pedestals and positioning

  • How to use sustainable, foam-free mechanics confidently

  • Practical tips and essential toolkit for urn designs

  • Urn design tips and our recommended go-to materials

  • Additional step by step arrangement recipes and photo journals: blowsy peony urn, massed garden design, antique footed urn

For flower arrangers worldwide

  • Home flower arrangers

    Who love flowers and plants, grow or buy flowers for the home, enjoy arranging flowers and are interested in gaining an understanding about the theory behind floral design

  • Florists and designers

    Those looking to learn more about the theory behind naturalistic design and how to take a seasonal and sustainable approach in their work, from amateur to experienced levels

  • Cut flower growers

    Wishing to develop arranging skills, learn more about the uses of materials in design work or looking to combine growing flowers with designing for weddings and events

Who teaches this class?

Alex Nutting and Jess Lister, the founders of Aesme Studio! We specialise in using seasonal materials and sustainable techniques, designing with flowers grown on our flower farm in Hampshire for large-scale weddings and events in London and across the UK. We have been running sell-out classes at our Flower School in West London since 2017 to students from all over the world, as well as teaching workshops overseas in Asia and Europe.
Wedding Urn Flowers Photo Aesme Studio

What can I expect?

Professionally produced video footage of Aesme Studio founder Alex designing in the studio and demonstrating techniques. Beautifully written and informative class notes with inspirational imagery. All PDF materials are downloadable and yours to keep for future reference. Please note all video content is pre-recorded, there are no live sessions. English subtitles available.
Wedding Urn Flowers Photo Aesme Studio

What will I learn?

This class focuses on big and bold urn designs - from pale frothy pedestal arrangements to massed minimal designs in modern ceramic vessels. You will learn our studio's creative process and approach to designing urns for weddings and events - from selecting seasonal flowers and foliage to creating arrangements in a naturalistic style using sustainable 'foam-free' techniques, practical tips on making and transporting arrangements and additional floral recipes.
Wedding Urn Flowers Photo Aesme Studio

How do I enroll?

Create an account with a unique Username and Password, then simply select the class or classes you wish to purchase! After enrolling you will be able to log in to your account any time, from any device, with access to all the class materials. You can work through the class entirely at your own pace and revisit it whenever you like.
Wedding Urn Flowers Photo Aesme Studio

Can I gift this class?

Yes absolutely! Follow these simple steps - 1) Purchase the class by creating an account with a username (your email) and password of choice 2) You will receive a purchase confirmation email 3) Log in, go to 'Profile' then 'My Account' and change the email address to the recipient 4) Give the log-in details to the recipient as a gift!
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Full Class Breakdown

  • 1


    • Film | Introduction

    • Class Notes | Wedding Urns

  • 2

    Church Urns

    • Class Notes | Church Urns

    • Class Notes | Cream Wedding Urn Recipe

    • Film | Church Urn Demo

    • Class Notes | Practical Tips and Essential Toolkit

    • Class Notes | Small Antique Urn Recipe

  • 3

    Modern Urns

    • Class Notes | Modern Urns

    • Film | Modern Urn Demo

    • Class Notes | Design Tips and Recommended Materials

    • Film | Party Urn Demo

    • Class Notes | Garden Inspired Urn Recipe